Marion County Courthouse Closed to the Public for Coronavirus COVID-19

Effective March 19, 2020, the Marion County Commission has ordered the courthouses in Palmyra and Hannibal closed to the public until June 1, 2020 (date updated on May 18, 2020) due to trying to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19.  If you have questions for a particular office, please call the number shown on the directory below.  You will be met at the door and escorted to the office of your choice to proceed with your business.

David Lomax – Presiding County Commissioner – 573-248-4667

Larry Welch – Eastern County Commissioner – 573-248-4020

Steve Begley – Western County Commissioner – 573-231-5283

 Palmyra Courthouse

Marion County Circuit Clerk – Court System – 573-769-2550

Marion County Extension Office – 573-769-2177

Marion County Clerk – Voting, Voter Registration – 573-769-2549

Marion County Treasurer – 573-769-2552

Marion County Recorder – Deeds, Marriage License – 573-769-7001

Marion County Collector – Collecting Taxes – 573-769-3282

Marion County Coordinator – Building Permits – 573-769-5545

Hannibal Courthouse

Marion County Circuit Clerk, Div. 2 – 573-221-0198

Marion County Public Administrator – 573-221-9149

Marion County Sheriff – 573-221-0678

Marion County Collector – Collecting Taxes – 573-221-0727

Marion County Prosecuting Attorney – Legal Issues – 573-221-0146

Marion County Assessor – Assessment – 573-248-1515

By Order of Marion County Commission


About Marion County Missouri

Marion County, organized December 23, 1826, is located in the northeast quarter of the state and is bordered on the east by the Mississippi River. The County seat of Marion County is Palmyra, Missouri. A court of Common Pleas was established in Hannibal, Missouri in 1844. As a result of the addition of the Court of Common Pleas, Marion County is unique from most third class counties in the state in that it has two courthouses. The more predominant industries of Marion County are tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. Marion County has about 479 square miles which is below the average of 604. However, Marion County is 38th in population with 29,522 people and 40th in Total Assessed Valuation at $45,032,963. Marion County has eight townships which serve today primarily as voting districts.

The county government provides services such as law enforcement, judicial services, land records, tax collection, property assessment, administration of elections, construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, and maintenance of financial and other records of importance to the county’s citizens. As of September 20, 2012, Marion County employed 110 individuals assigned to various administrative and support services.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the county government of Marion County, Missouri to provide county-level services to its citizens. This includes providing and maintaining roads and bridges to rural areas of the county; as well as law enforcement and protection. The county also provides housing for justice, land records and other governmental services while responsibly managing the public’s money through its budgetary process.


Marion County is an equal opportunity employer.